Hot Stone Massage

Reignite Your Senses with Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a luxurious and deeply relaxing form of massage therapy that combines the healing power of touch with the soothing warmth of smooth, heated stones. It's a therapeutic experience that melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and balanced. Dive into the world of hot stone massage and discover the comforting embrace of heated stones.

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What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is a specialized massage technique where heated stones, typically made of basalt, are strategically placed on the body and used by the therapist during the massage. These stones are heated to a soothing temperature and provide a unique sensation of warmth and relaxation when placed on the skin. The therapist combines the use of hands and stones to deliver a seamless and deeply comforting massage.

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Pricing Special Session:

60 minutes $160 | 90 minutes $240 | 120 minutes $320

* Price doesn't include tax and gratuities


The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

  • Deep Relaxation: The soothing warmth of the stones helps to calm the nervous system, promoting a profound sense of relaxation and tranquility.
  • Muscle Tension Relief: The combination of heat and massage allows for deeper muscle relaxation, making it an effective treatment for tension and knots.
  • Improved Circulation: The heat from the stones promotes increased blood flow, aiding in the removal of toxins and enhancing overall circulation.
  • Stress Reduction: Hot stone massage encourages the release of endorphins, reducing stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue.
  • Pain Relief: It can provide relief from chronic pain conditions, including arthritis and fibromyalgia, by relaxing muscles and reducing inflammation.

Why Choose Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage offers a unique and deeply soothing experience that is perfect for those seeking relaxation, stress relief, and relief from muscle tension. It's a sensory journey that combines the healing properties of touch and warmth, leaving you feeling balanced and reinvigorated.

​Ready to experience the nurturing embrace of hot stone massage? Schedule your session today and embark on a journey of relaxation, warmth, and well-being.

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What to Expect During a Hot Stone Massage:

During a hot stone massage session, you can anticipate the following:

  • Preparation: Your therapist will prepare the heated stones and assess your preferences and any specific areas of concern.

  • Positioning: You will lie down on a comfortable massage table, and the therapist will place heated stones along key points on your body.

  • Massage Strokes: Your therapist will use a combination of traditional massage techniques and the heated stones to work on various muscle groups.

  • Heat and Pressure: The stones are warmed to a temperature that is safe and soothing. If the stones ever feel too hot or uncomfortable, be sure to communicate this to your therapist.

  • Relaxation: As you experience the comforting warmth of the stones and the skilled touch of your therapist, you'll enter a state of profound relaxation.

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